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  • Soft, Wrinkle Resistant, Luxurious Chenille Curtain

    Chenille yarn, also known as chenille, is a new fancy yarn. It is made of two strands of yarn as the core, and is spun by twisting the feather yarn in the middle. Chenille decorative products can be made into sofa covers, bedspreads, bed carpets, table carpets, carpets, wall decorations,  curtains and other indoor decorative accessories. Advantages of chenille fabric: appearance: chenille curtain can be made into various exquisite patterns. It looks high-grade and gorgeous as a whole, with good decoration. It can make the interior feel magnificent and show the noble taste of the owner. Tactility: the curtain fabric is characterized by the fact that the fiber is held on the core yarn, the pile surface is full, with a velvet feeling, and the touch is soft and comfortable. Suspension: chenille curtain has excellent drapability, keeping the  surface vertical and good texture, making the interior cleaner. Shading: chenille curtain is thick in texture, which can block out strong light in summer, protect indoor furniture and household appliances, and also play a certain role in keeping warm in winter.

  • Faux Silk Curtain With Light, Soft, Skin Friendly

    Silk is a symbol of luxury and a traditional royal article. The high-density silk fabrics woven by modern looms are used for curtains, giving them a natural matte luster and elegant style. Because of the protein composition of silk, it is suitable for hanging in non direct sunlight occasions, such as indoor rooms and shopping malls. It is the best choice for luxury and beauty. Faux silk curtain give your home a decorator’s touch with the Madison Park Emilia Window Curtain. this elegant window curtain features a DIY twist tab top. the luxurious sheen and rich navy tone provides a touch of sophistication to your decor. Easy to hang, this twist tab top curtain turns any room into a gorgeous getaway.

    This item is silky, soft, drapery and very pleasant to touch. Matches perfectly your windows, provides utmost privacy.

  • Joint Double Color Curtain With Gorgeous And Warm Color Matching

    Color matching curtain is made up of  various colors (generally 2 kinds), and the combination of different colors in the vertical direction is generally suitable for the combination of different colors, so that the visual sense will be more harmonious. Through the combination of multiple colors of curtains, a gorgeous and warm sense of grade can be created.  especially the living room is large, and the windows are mostly large floor to ceiling windows. Color matching curtains can reduce the sense of emptiness. Whether it is the splicing of adjacent color systems or color collision, they can increase the sense of hierarchy and enrich the mood of the space.

  • Linen Curtain Of Natural And Antibacterial

    The heat dissipation performance of linen is 5 times that of wool and 19 times that of silk. In summer, when the weather is very hot, the use of linen curtains can make the room not too hot. The surface is rough and plain, which brings a natural and warm feeling. In terms of function, it has good ventilation and heat dissipation, which can effectively reduce people’s restlessness, headache, chest tightness and dyspnea in the static environment. The use of linen curtain can prevent people from being electrified by static electricity when they are close to the curtain.

    It can control any kind of decoration style, with a little lace and embroidery embellishment.

    Make the simple texture less monotonous.

    Make the overall design more vivid and interesting.

  • Stylish And Gorgeous Sheer Curtains In Exotic Designs

    The sheer curtain can not only be hung together with the cloth curtain and used in different scenes, but also can be used alone. The material is generelly thickened lace, which is much heavier than ordinary yarn. Moreover, it is not a rigid piece of plain yarn. It usually has a group of fine woven patterns.The key point is that it has been specially treated with UV protection, Voile sheer curtain can filter sunlight and balance the light level between indoor and outdoor. It enables you to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside the window and prevent people from seeing your indoor room directly. Thin but workable. Through open, half-open, tie-up or close the curtain, you can adjust how much light gets through a soft airy sheer curtain and lighten up the room. They will add a touch of luxury and finesse to your home!

  • 100% Blackout And Thermal Insulated Curtain

    Our 100% light blocking curtains are thick enough to completely block out sunlight. These room darkening curtains provide you a real dark environment to sleep even during bright sunny day. Protect your indoor privacy. The unique design of the silver grommet (1.6 inch inner diameter) creates casual elegance for your house, Our 100% blackout curtain generally use triple weaving technology, In 2021, our experts developed innovative technology which combind fabric and TPU film which is only 0.015mm, this unique composite fabric is 100% blackout while feature soft handfeeling. Compared with the traditional triple weaving process, it reduces the cost, greatly reduces the workload of sewing, and greatly improves the overall aesthetics.

  • Innovative Double Sided Curtain

    For a long time, we have been considering the potential needs of customers: because of different seasons, different furniture and accessories, there is actually a need to change the style of curtains. However, because curtains are large commodities, it is difficult for customers to purchase multiple sets of products to meet this demand. After solving the problem of product technology, our designers launched innovative double-sided curtains.
    Innovative double sided usable design, one side is classical Moroccan geometric printing and the other side is solid white, you can flexibly choose either side to match the furnishing and decor, even depending on the season, family activities, and your mood, it is quite quick and easy to change the face of curtain, just turn it over and hang, the classical Moroccan printing give a wonderful atmosphere of combination of dynamic and static, also you can choose the white for the peaceful and romantic atmosphere, our curtain certainly upgrade your home decoration immediately.

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