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  • Geometric Cushion With Rich And Clear Layers

    Geometric figures have simple, abstract and formal visual features, and are rich and varied in design. Among many design styles, geometric design has been around for a long time. It is also a common tool in graphic design. Learning to use geometric figures for design can make us easily achieve good visual effects in design. The most obvious characteristics of geometric style are: strengthening information expression, decorative aesthetics, easy dissemination and memory, expressing abstract concepts, and simplifying complexity.

    Simple, elegant design perfect for home decoration, sofa, and chairs, car decoration, office, hotel, coffee decoration.

    Geometric pillow are designed for simple modern style home decoration. It made of 100% high quality linen cotton material with a brief design and look.

    This pillow covers are stylish. The print on the pillowcases is very clear and simple. Goes well with many kinds of home decoration, bringing your home a stylish feeling.

  • Outdoor Cushion With Waterproof And Antifouling

    Outdoor chair cushions transform patio furniture into comfortable and stylish pieces of home decor. Whether you’re looking for all-new cushions to give your patio a bright, fresh look, or replacement cushions to welcome the new season, you’ll find them. Our range includes outdoor cushions to fit all kinds of patio furniture, helping make your backyard an inviting and relaxing space to enjoy. We carry: Round cushions to fit outdoor stools and seat bases. Chaise cushions for the poolside or patio for comfortable lounging. Cushions with a base and a back to fit a wide range of outdoor patio chairs. Bench cushions for comfortably seating two or more.
    Outdoor Replacement Cushions Materials, Our outdoor chair cushions are built for all-weather use and comfort combined. With durable, stain-resistant outer materials, including renowned Sunbrella fabrics, and springy synthetic fills, our cushions hold their shape and color all summer long. Choose from double-piped and knife-edge deep seat cushions for the look and feel you want.

  • Pile Cushion With Strong Three-Dimensional Sense, High Gloss, Soft And Thick To Touch

    Pile  is a product that uses high-voltage electrostatic field to plant short fibers on the embryonic cloth, that is, to print adhesive on the surface of the substrate, and then use a certain voltage electrostatic field to vertically accelerate the planting of short fibers on the embryonic cloth coated with adhesive. Features: strong three-dimensional sense, bright colors, soft feel, luxury and nobility, lifelike image.

  • Tie-Dyed Cushion Of Natural Color And Novel Patterns

    Tie dyeing process is divided into two parts: tying and dyeing. It is a kind of dyeing technology that uses yarn, thread, rope and other tools to bind, sew, bind, tie, clip and other forms of combination to dye the fabric. Its process feature is that after the dyed fabric is twisted into knots, it is printed and dyed, and then the twisted threads are removed. It has more than one hundred variation techniques, each with its own characteristics. For example, the “twist on the roll” has rich colors, natural changes and endless interest.
    At present, tie dyeing is no longer limited to the use of clothing, but has a wider range of uses. It is used for indoor decoration, such as wall hanging, curtains, doors and windows, tablecloth, sofa cover, bedspread, pillowcase, etc.

  • Plush Cushion With Thick Soft Handfeeling And Comfortable Experience

    All kinds of velvet fabrics on the market, including flannel, coral velvet, velvet, snowflake velvet, baby velvet, milk velvet, etc, are essentially polyester. Advantages and disadvantages of velvet fabrics (polyester)

    1) advantages: good warmth retention, low price, not easy to deform, strong and durable.

    2) Disadvantages: poor moisture absorption and air permeability, easy to generate static electricity (of course, the current high-quality velvet fabrics also have anti-static measures)
    Soft and skin friendly, bring you a wonderful rest time after a hard day work by holding your pillow. Designs like waves, stripes, geometric triangles and neutral colors will add high fashion feel to any room.
    Elegant design perfect for home decoration, sofa, and chairs, car decoration, office, hotel, coffee decoration.

  • Jacquard Cushion With Unique Design And Color,Strong Three-Dimensional Sense

    During weaving, the warp or weft yarn (warp or weft yarn) is lifted up through the jacquard device, so that the yarn partially floats out of the cloth surface, showing a three-dimensional shape. Each floating-point connection group forms various patterns. The cloth woven in this way is called jacquard cloth. Features: the pattern of jacquard cloth is woven by fabrics of different colors, so the pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense, the colors are relatively soft, the fabric texture is good, thick and solid, relatively high-grade, durable and meaningful.
    Match the current popular color, giving the visual and tactile enjoyment. Hidden zipper design can be opened around 38-40 cm for the cushion insertion.
    Wide applications, perfect for sofa, chair, couch, bed, travel and naps. Also can be used as gift.

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