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1. Do you offer free samples? And what's your sample policy?
Yes, free samples are available and shipping cost of sample is required to pay in advance or collect.
2. Can you produce according to customers' design?
Sure, we're professional manufacturer, OEM and ODM are both welcome.
3. What are your payment terms?
T/T 30% deposit, balance 70% paid before shipping.
4. Does vinyl flooring suits for extreme environment?
Vinyl flooring is suit for hot and cold environment also wet environment by extreme stability,water proof and fire retardant rating B1.
5. What are the major differences between WPC and SPC Flooring.
After knowing the differences between SPC floor and WPC floor, you will have a better idea of which one is more suitable for your decoration. 1st. Both WPC and SPC flooring are with water proof features ,and being super anti-scratch to whether in residential area or the heavy duty public places. 2nd. The essential distinction between the two, falls into the density of their rigid core layer. 3rd. Compared with SPC flooring, WPC flooring is formed by thicker and lighter core layer. It offer softer and more comfortable feelings when walking or standing on it for a long time. Due to the much thickness, you can sense the warmth from it, and it has great performance of absorbing sound. By using the IXPE Pad, SPC flooring will have the same effect. 4th. On the other hand, SPC flooring is thinner than WPC flooring, giving rigid core layer which is more compact and denser. This prevents the SPC flooring from expanding or shrinking under the extreme temperature changes, therefore leads to the stability and longer life span of the SPC flooring.
6. What’s the excellent feature compare with traditional flooring.
Vinyl floor is a great flooring solution with unique benefits compare with traditional floor.. For reading about vinyl floors in depth, go through the 15 benefits of vinyl floor: 1. Vinyl floors are extraordinarily durable, which makes them a perfect solution for commercial and industrial floors. 2. If you have a house with high amount of activity, you can choose vinyl floor for their resistance to impact damage and abrasion. 3. The vinyl tiles come with wear and tear layers. 4. You can give finishing to the tiles with mechanical buffing and chemical stripping. 5. Moisture and stain resistance of the vinyl tiles gives great performance. 6. Apart from sturdiness, vinyl tiles give a comfortable feeling. They neither become too cold in winters nor too hot in summers. 7. The vitrified tiles of the floors store heat. It implies that the cooling and heating costs of the house and office are also reduced. 8. They bounce back when pressure is applied on them. 9. Vinyl tiles also absorb noise, which increases the acoustic relief of the room. 10. The anti-slip property of the vinyl tiles makes them safe for kids as well as adults. The slip-retardant attribute of the floor also maintains static. 11. Many hospitals and health care establishments make use of vinyl tiles because of their enhanced sanitary capabilities. The floor does not release allergens as well. 12. Flexibility of design is offered in vinyl flooring. You can choose from a wide range of colors and textures such as stone, concrete, terrazzo, and wood. These tiles can be arranged to create mosaics and patterns to create an appealing floor plane. 13. The vinyl tiles can be easily installed with the use of a simple unit that can be easily transported. 14. They do not demand high maintenance. 15. The surface of vinyl floor is softer than wood or tile because of the backing of foam or felt.
7. What's your products' competitive edge?
The background of the world's top 100 shareholders, the perfect industrial chain from raw materials to finished product production, and more than 30 years of industry experience.

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