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News Headlines: We have launched revolutionary double sided curtain

For a long time, we have been concerned that when customers use curtains, they need to change the style (pattern) of curtains because of seasonal changes and the adjustment of furniture (soft decoration). However, because the area (volume) of curtains is large, it is inconvenient to buy (store) multiple sets of curtains. Our designers specially designed double-sided curtains to meet the potential demand of this market. This is an original product. In terms of technology, We have overcome the technical difficulties of printing on both sides of the fabric, developed a patented double-sided curtain ring, and used the edge banding strip to deal with the edge banding of the curtain, so that both sides of the curtain show a perfect effect when used.
For example:Both sides of the curtain are decorated sides, available to face inside the room. One side is navy with white geometric patterns while the other side is solid navy blue. You can choose either side to match with the furnishings and décor.      This double sided curtain use the patent grommets which is same appearance for both two side.
this double sided curtain  reduce 85%-90% of harsh sunlight but still allow a small amount of light to seep through. This room darkening drapes are a great option if you don’t want a total darkness, you could still enjoy the space with some minimal light.
With tight weave fabric, the window drapes provide better privacy and protect your furnishings from sun damage. An Ideal choice for draping windows and sliding doors in living room, bedroom, home office, study or any space for darkening need.
Fabrics of strong and resilient is easy to care. Machine washable with cold water, on a gentle cycle. Add with non bleach detergent. Tumble dry in low settings. Iron at low temperatures.

Post time:Aug-10-2022

Post time: 08-10-2022
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